In tough economic periods legacy systems often survive

‘C’ level executives must choose between competing IT projects. based on limited budgets.  When one project solves a new issue, (with no existing solution in place), and another project will replace an inadequate legacy IT solution, the decision is easy.  Management will choose to live with a poor legacy solution, and invest where no solution currently exists.  Here again, by proposing Net15, seeking to replace the legacy technology has forced the customer to make a decision, a decision based on “pay now”.  Given that, all too often your company loses.  EBA delivers a solution for our clients.  EBA empowers our clients with the ability to extend payment terms far beyond Net15.  We  empower the buyer to spread payment across multiple years, with the added benefit of initial payment beginning  not before implementation, but instead after, when the receipt of value has begun.

Propose a fiscal accommodation

EBA allows budget restrictions to be overcome.  By proposing payments spread across multiple budget years, an accommodation is made.  Your customers need not eliminate one project simply because your project needs full payment day one.  Consider the power of proposing payments for your solution to begin in six months - or in 12 months!  By simply removing Net15 from the conversation has become empowered, along with your customer.  The conversation now stays focused on the solution needed, not framed by the need for immediate payment.

When buying solutions, Info's customer just knows the proposed terms of payment is going to be Net15.   This single attribute (Net15), buried in often complicated proposals, by itself, becomes the catalyst behind most contentious negotiations.  The pressure to "pay now"  too often determines what our clients can buy, and it drives only metric left to negotiate,  our PRICE.  Ironically - that is last thing we want to negotiate.

About EBA

Economic Business Alignment


The customer is pinned into a corner knowing that writing a check limits their options, and forces them to make hard decisions.  

Negotiations become contentious, as discounts must be attained and some projects are cut with only limited funds available.

"we only have so much money - so something will

EBA, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a professional services organization and was a pioneer in developing the concept of software financing. We have taken this concept of software financing and positioned it as a powerful tool for our clients, who are software and solution service providers, by creating and designing acquisition strategies that complement their sales and marketing efforts.

It has become a habit, and it has become expected by our clients.  When buying solutions, most customers know the proposed terms of payment is going to be Net30.


We turn the old paradigm of 'Pay Now - Benefit Later' on its head.

We now proposed Benefit Now - Pay Later. As value is received, payment will be made.

"Our goal is to make the needed solution - EASY TO PAY FOR"

When you pay becomes as large a part of the conversation as what you pay.

You company becomes a business partner - not simply a vendor selling.

The real competition is NOT another vendor

EBA clients invests countless hours and dollars working to position solution against known competitors.  Our clients work to out-sell, out-develop, and out-price the competition.  However, too often, in the end,  the real competition is overlooked. The real competition exists inside your prospect, it is the competition for those precious budget dollars.  This competition is won not by the vendor,  it is won by the your internal champion who must convince management where those budget dollars should be spent.

Net15 forces your customer to compromise on the needed solution

Vendors typically set payment terms to Net15.  Knowing this, your customer is thus, limited into purchasing only what they can afford to pay for, today.  Often, this means the needed solution is sacrificed for a solution which can be paid for Net15.  This does not serve your interest, and  it certainly does not serve the interest of your client, as the business solution purchased is often less than what is truly needed.  Product and professional services are scaled back, buyer and seller relations become contentious.  All driven by one seemingly innocent contractual attribute.  Net15.

EBA makes the needed solution the first priority

With payment now framed as an accommodation and not a hindrance, the needed solution is back in focus.  The customer is empowered to acquire the solution needed, and your company is now empowered to deliver that solution.  Professional services are no longer a massive hindrance, as the buyer is now empowered, knowing that ‘payment terms’ are now an integral part of their business solution.

EBA  allows both vendor and customer to win

EBA changes the landscape of selling, and the landscape for buying.   Your company is now empowered to negotiate with flexible payment terms, with the knowledge that both cash and revenue will be received, and taken, day one.  The customer is empowered with the ability to purchase the needed solution—not simply the solution they can afford to pay for day one.  Both parties win.
The elegance of EBA is centered on simply removing Net15 as terms of payment.  By taking away this restrictive element the business environment changes completely.  Both vendor and customer are able to focus and solve the problem.